We believed we could so we did it.

An Ambitious Kuwaiti women had started a plastic recycling company called  Omniya. Who loves to make Kuwait clean by spreading environmental awareness and segregating plastic waste sources to recycle, preventing it from reaching landfills or sea.

Who is Omniya?

Omniya Recycling

Omniya is led by Sanaa Al-Qamlas and Farah Shabaan which aims to spreading awareness to peoples how to use plastic andrecycling. Omniya's main goals to encourage the people to contributes with us to collect plastic for recycling and prevent Kuwait from pollution.

How to make Omniya real?

By segregating plastic from your waste and put it in one of the Omniya collection points. We are the young generation to save our environment for next-generation and make Kuwait cleaner and greener.

Omniya Recycling

Alsawaber 6 Complex

3rd Floor, Office No: 10

Sharq, Kuwait City


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