Omniya Recycling

Omniya is led by Sanaa Al-Qamlas and Farah Shaban which aims to spread awareness to peoples how to use plastic and recycling. Omniya's main goals to encourage the people to contributes with us to collect plastic for recycling and prevent Kuwait from pollution.


Recycling helps to reduce environmental impacts. It'll help to protect our future generation from pollution. Students are willing to collect plastic for recycling, but we are responsible for them to teach about the important of recycling. Here we give some tips for students to easily understand which one we recycle and which one we not.

Schools are contributing with Omniya

In Kuwait, more than 200 schools are contributing with Omniya to protect our environment from pollution. Children's are willing to collect plastic bottles for recycling.

How to make Omniya real?

By segregating plastic from your waste and put it in one of the Omniya collection points. We are the young generation to save our environment for next-generation and make Kuwait cleaner and greener.

Products made from recycled plastic:

  • ​Shoes and Clothes 

  • T-shirts

  • Backpacks

  • Playground Equipment

  • Car Bumpers

  • Park Benches

  • Snowboards

  • Toys

  • Kitchen Containers (Plastic Bowls)

  • Traffic Cones

  • Ski jackets, etc

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