Know What To Through

Make sure you're putting write materials in your recycling containers or bags- Plastic canes, water bottles, Juice cups, Small kitchen plastic containers, Plastic jags, Food containers.

Plastic Containers

Check your recycling containers or bags, before you are going to put in Omniya collection containers. we are plastic recyclers, so please avoid food waste, metals, soiled materials, paper cups, newspapers & notes, and books.

  1. Plastic can't be recycled if it's mixed with other materials.

  2. Don't put mixed items, it's difficult to recycling and takes more time for segregation.

  3. If you avoid other waste, it will helpful for us to save the recycling time and electricity.

Tips and Tricks

Plastic water bottles and juice, jam bottles (Transparent) are great recycling items. Make sure all materials are free food and liquid, and sure it's clean and dry.

Water and condiment bottles are great recycling items.Be sure they're cleaned and dry before you are put into your recycling containers or bags.

No Food Waste

You should keep all recyclable items free of food and liquid. Dust or dirty items contaminate the whole process of recycling; if you put recycle item contact with food and liquid. it's difficult to recycling and take more time to segregate.

  1. One dirty or dust items can contaminate the whole process of recycling.

  2. Don't put your waste contact with food and liquid.

  3. So make sure all recyclable items are empty, clean and dry.

Use Bags For Collection

Put your recyclable items into containers or bags. you can also use laundry bags for collection, please avoid mixed items like: paper, metal and food waste 

  1. You can compress the plastic bottles before you put them in your container or bags, so that your container or bags they've more space for the collection.

  2. Don't put metal waste it will damage the recycling equipment.

  3. when two or more different materials are connected they cannot be recycled even if they are all recyclable.

Get ready to become a good recycler.

Contribute with Omniya to become a good recycler; we're the next generation to save our environment by spreading awareness and prevent Kuwait from pollution and make it cleaner.

 Tips for Recycling

You should keep all recyclable items free of food and liquid. Not clean items contaminate the whole process of recycling which makes it difficult to recycle and takes more time.


Know What to Through

 Plastic Water and juice bottles, kitchen plastic containers, plastic jugs, food containers, etc.

Use Bag's to collect in

Put your recyclable items into bins or bags. You can also use laundry bags for collection, please avoid mixed items like Paper, Metal,Glass and food waste, etc.

Basic of Recycling.

Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and products. It's easy to understand, once you learn the basics. Omniya Recycling, we are happy to explain about recycling and you need to know to be a good recycler. 

Plastic bottle bg.jpg.png

Plastic identification code


All plastics were indicated a number 1 to 7 with this code number we can easily identify what kind of resins used to make plastic products.

In our case, PET always identified by the resin code 1

PET is highly recommended for making plastic water and beverage to other materials it has environment friendly and limitless life. PET can come back to serve us again and again.

What your recycling container should look like?

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