Why We Recycle Plastic?

Recycling is very important as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. Recycling helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste and also provides opportunities to reduce oil usage, carbon dioxide emissions. one good reason to recycle plastic is that there is so much of it.

Is it Empty,Clean and Dry

Plastic water bottles, jars and jugs, food and condiment bottles are great recycle item, make sure it's empty,clean,dry before you put them in your recycling containers or bags. if you put dirty items contaminate the whole recycling process.

Compress bottles if possible

Normally you put bottles in your containers it takes more space, so compress bottles before you put in your containers or bags, then you have more free spaces for collection.

Omniya can recycle only below mentioned materials:

Plastic's we can recycle

  1. Soft drinks bottles

  2. Salad dressing boxes

  3. Peanut butter and jam jars

  4. Drinking water bottles

  5. Ice cream cone lids

  6. Condiments plastic bottles

  7. Kitchen food containers

Other Items we can't recycle

  1. Metal items (Tools)

  2. Newspapers and Note & Books

  3. Glass materials

  4. Polystyrene Foam

  5. Children's Toys

  6. Construction waste materials

  7. Medicals and Electronic wastes

Omniya Recycling

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