omniya container

How to make Omniya real?

By segregating plastic from your waste and put it in one of the Omniya collection points. Omniya has placed containers in 70 locations in different areas in Kuwait.

Omniya plastic collecting container


Omniya collection points are available in the following locations

Capital Governorate

1.Adiliya CO-OP, Block 4

2.Surra CO-OP, Block 5

3.Khaldiya CO-OP, Block 2

4.Kaifan CO-OP, Block 2

5.Rawda CO-OP, Block 2

6.Yarmuk CO-OP, Block 3

7.Daeiya CO-OP, Block 4

8.Nuzha CO-OP, Block 3

9.Qadsiya CO-OP, Block 5

10.Mansuriya Block 1, St.13-the national fund parking.    11.Abdullah al-Salem Block 3, Fatma Mosque parking.

12.Qurtuba Block 5, near the clinic Shamiya, Block 8 13.Mobarak Al-Kabeer street.

14.Industrial Shuwaikh, Kuwait University-Shuwaikh.


16.Al Mubarkeya

omniya capital governorate

Capital Governorate

omniya jahraa Governorate.jpg

Jahraa Governorate

1.Old Jahra CO-OP, Block 2

2.Saad Al-Abdullah CO-OP, Block 10

Jahraa Governorate

Mubarak Al-Kabeer

1.Mubarak Al-kabeer CO-OP, Block 4

2.Sabah Al-Salem CO-OP, Block 4

3.Maseelah CO-OP, Block 3

omniya Mubarak Al-Kabeer.jpg

Mubarak Al-Kabeer

omniya Ahmadi Governorate.jpg

Ahmadi Governorate

1.Ahmadi CO-OP,Block 6

2.Fintas CO-OP,Block 2

3.Al-Khairan resort Dubaeiya resort

4.Abu Halifa CO-OP, Block 2

Ahmadi Governorate

Farwaneya Governorate

1.Omereya, Block 1-Kuwait Zoo parking.

2.South Khaita, Block 1, St.136-police academy.

3.Abdullah Al-Mubarak CO-OP, Block 5

4.Andalos CO-OP, Block 11

5.Eshbella CO-OP, Block 3

omniya Farwaneya Governorate.jpg

 Farwaneya Governorate

omniya Hawalli Governorate.jpg

Hawalli Governorate

1.Salmiya CO-OP 24/7,albelajat street.

2.Bayan CO-OP, Block 8

3.Zahraa CO-OP, Block 4

4.Salam CO-OP, Block 4

5.Jabriya CO-OP, Block 1b Mishrif CO-OP

6.Mobarak Al-Abdulla CO-OP

7.Hawalli CO-OP, front Hawalli park
8.Salmiya French School, Block 3

9.Salmiya Mowasat Hospital, Block 2 

10.Hawalli, AlOun direct aid, Block 2

11.Salwa, Block 5, St.1 near AUB

12.Shaab CO-OP, Block 3
13.Symphony Hotel- Salmiya, Al Blajat street

Hawalli Governorate