Omniya History

Who is Omniya?

A Kuwaiti project that loves to make Kuwait clean by spreading environmental awareness and separating plastic waste from the source for recycling and preventing it from reaching to landfills or the sea.

An interview with the founders of Omnia Factory

Sanaa AlQemlas and Farah Shaban, founders of Omnia Factory for recycling the plastic material PET.

"Be the change you want to see in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi

Environmental Benefits

  • Disposing of plastic waste in a safe and feasible way that contributes to create a civilized and developed environment for developed countries culturally, socially and industrially.
  • Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators, which reduces the emission rates of toxic gases into the air and the negative impact of soil and groundwater.
  • Contribute to eliminate the problem of marine pollution resulting from waste and preserving marine life and wildlife.
  • The plastics recycling industry reduces carbon emissions compared to the raw materials industry.

Social Benefits

  • Spreading environmental awareness in society.
  • Effective and useful community service to create an educated, aware and civilized generation.
  • Spreading the culture of sorting recyclable waste and cultivating it in the community.
  • Creating six times more jobs in recycling industries than in landfill.
Closure of Omniya factory.
- Omniya_Watani is the largest competition in the State of Kuwait under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and sponsored by the National Bank of Kuwait, where about 65 tons were collected in three months.

- Omniya represented the State of Kuwait at the United Nation High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development- New York.

- The Environment Public Authority allows us to import from Saudi Arabia.

- Omniya exports to Europe exceeded 1000 tons.
- June: Sanaa AlQemlas joins the nomination of the National Fund to be part of the delegation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia headed by Sultan Shuaib at the Entrepreneurs Alliance conference in Berlin which precedes the G20 summit.

- 11- November: Opening of Omniya factory, recycling the plastic material PET, sponsored by His Highness the Prime Minister.
August: Sanaa AlQemlas, Farah Shaban and Saud Al-Fawzan. Three Kuwaitis started Omniya volunteer project with the aim of instilling the behavior of waste sorting from the source in the community in order to recycle it.
Omniya revival.
Omniya's production reached 600 tons this year.
- April: Start exporting the entire product to Europe in the forms of recycled plastic plates after it was analyzed by Daw Chemical Laboratory- Germany.

- Award for the best entrepreneurship project in the Gulf.
- December: Omniya is the first industrial project founded by the National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises Development.

- Omniya starts with providing containers in the community under the sponsorship of the private sector and individuals.
Sanaa performs pilgrimage and returns with Omniya.
Placing containers under the auspices of the private sector, the oil sector and individuals, which have collected more than 1,500 tons to 77 sites to date.

2015 In-Doors

Distribution of cartons with bags to individuals, agencies and schools free of charge to date


Establishing a security center to receive plastic, the first of its kind and the only one to date