Put your plastic collection in Omniya container.

Omniya container is available at the following locations:

The Capital Governorate

  • Al-Adailiya Cooperative Society, Block4- in the parking, in front of the mosque and Kidney Centre, Al-Surra Cooperative Society, Block5- opposite to the family supplies.
  • Al-Khalidiya Cooperative Society Block 2 – Opposite to Kuwait Finance House.
  • Kaifan Cooperative Society Block 2
  • Al-Rawda Cooperative Society Block 2
  • Al-Yarmouk Cooperative Society Block 3
  • Al-Daiya Cooperative Society Block 4
  • Al-QadisiyahCooperative Society Block 5- next to Burger King.
  • Al-Mansouriya Block 1- in the parking of the National Fund headquarter.
  • Cordoba- Cordoba Health Centre Parking, Block 5
  • Abdullah Al-Salem Suburb, in the parking of Fatima Mosque, Block 3
  • Mubarak Al-Kabeer Street- Banks Complex.
  • Al-Shuwaikh Industrial- next to the Environment Public Authority Building.
  • Sunni and JaafariSulaibikhat cemetery.
  • Omniya Gulf Bank- Main Building- Al-Mubarakiya.
  • Safa Square
  •  Al-Nuzha Cooperative Society, Branch Block 1
  • Al-Shamiya Cooperative Society, Block 8

Al-Jahra Governorate

  • Old Jahra Cooperative Society, Block 2- next to Al-Ahly United Bank.
  • Saad Al-Abdullah Cooperative Society, Block 10 – opposite Pizza Hut.

Al-Jahra Governorate

  • Sabah Al-Salem Cooperative Society, Block 4 – next to the mosque.

Hawalli Governorate

  • Salmiya Cooperative Society, Al Blajat Branch, next to Al Seif Hospital, Bayan Cooperative Society, Block 8 – next to Ahli United Bank.
  • Al-Zahraa Cooperative Society, Block 4
  • Al-Salam and Al-Siddiq Cooperative Society, Block 4
  • Al-Jabriya Cooperative Society, Block 1B – The main entrance of the Society.
  • AL-Rawda and Hawally Cooperative Society, opposite Hawally Park.
  • Al-Salmiya, Parking of Kuwaiti French School, Block 3
  • Al-Salmiya, Parking of Mosawat Hospital, Block 2
  • Hawally, parking of Al-Mubasher Awn Society, Block 2
  • Salwa, next to Ahli United Bank, Block 5 – St. 1
  • Al-Rumaithiya Block 11 – on the main street, next to Ahli United Bank

Al-Ahmadi Governorate

  • Al-Ahmadi Cooperative Society, Block 6
  • Al-Fintas Cooperative Society, Block 2
  • Al-Khairan Tourist Park
  • Al-Dabaeya Park

Al-Farwaniya Governorate

  • Al-Omairiya, parking of the zoo Block 1- directly next to the entrance.
  • Southern Khaitan, Block 1- St.136 – parking of the Women’s Police Institute.
  • Al-Andalus and Al-Raqi Cooperative Society, Block 11- opposite to Starbucks.
  • Eshbelia Cooperative Society.