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Become A Better Recycler

Follow these tips to make recycling an easy habit

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Know What To Through

  1. Get to know about what are the plastic materials we are recycling. Now we are recycling plastic canes, water bottles, juice jars and jugs, small kitchen plastic containers, condiments bottles.

  2. Don't combine a different kind of other recycling materials into your recycling containers or bags.

  3. Keep all your recycling items with separate, clean and free of food and liquid.

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Why  Recycling Matters

If we increase the recycling process, it will reduce environmental impacts. Some people think recycling doesn't make a difference in the environment, but their thinking is wrong.

           Recycling does not only help us today but it also helps for our future generations. It saves energy when the manufacturers use recycled materials to make products, they use very less energy than when they use raw materials.

  1. Recycling is efficient and practical and it gives us many benefits. when we extract raw material from the earth, we create a lot of air and water pollution. Recycling helps to reduce landfills and pollution, it also helps to keep our environment clean, safe, and healthy.

  2. Omniya we work for the future that means we are committed to preserving our natural resources, keeping our environment clean, and helping the people to prevent pollution.

John us to make safe and healthy communities. Recycle more and save more.

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Empty, Clean, Dry

You should keep all recyclable items free of food and liquid. Dust or dirty items contaminate the whole process of recycling; if you put recycle item contact with food and liquid, it's difficult to recycling and takes more time to segregate.

  1. One dirty item can contaminate the whole process of recycling.

  2. Don't put your waste contact with food and liquid.

  3. So make sure all recyclable items empty, clean, and dry.

  4. Plastic can't be recycled if it's mixed with other materials.

  5. Don't put mixed items, it's difficult to recycling and takes more time for segregation.

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Keep Your Recyclables Dry

Just a small amount of food waste with residue could contaminate the whole process of recycling. So please avoid recyclables free from food and liquid. And put water bottles without water.

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If you understand what Omniya looking for, it's easy for us to segregates and recycling. We are recycling below mentioned items.

  1. Soft drink bottle

  2. Salad dressing boxes

  3. Peanut butter and jam jars

  4. Drinking water bottles

  5. Ice cream cone lids

  6. Condiments Plastic bottles

  7. Kitchen food containers


Please refer to this picture and avoid other materials in your recycling containers or bags, it's easy for us to segregate and recycling.


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Don,t mix it up

We are a plastic recycler, so please avoid food waste, metals, soiled materials, paper cups, newspapers & notes, and books.

  1. If you put mixed materials it takes time for segregation and recycling process take a while.

  2. If you avoid other waste, it will helpful for us to save the recycling time and electricity.

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Pass the smell test

If your container or bags smells bad, it's contaminated the whole process. So keep in mind and avoid it.

  1. All food, liquid, yard waste, and diapers that get thrown away every day.

  2. If you put stinks items in your containers or bags, it will spread and contaminate the whole materials. So it takes more time for the washing process and we need extra energy consumption.

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When in doubt, throw it out

We are recycling plastic only; not cardboard, paper boxes. If you have doubts, just through it out into trash bin.

  1. Paper plates, paper cups, pizza boxes, and baby diapers belong in the trash bin not recycling containers or bags.

  2. Just one dirty item or mixed materials can contaminate the whole recycling process.

  3. So put plastic bottles empty, clean, and dry.

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Construction and Yard Waste

Please avoid tree trimming and other yard waste, construction waste in your recycling containers, or bags.

  1. Garden hoses cannot be recycled so put them into trash cane.

  2. Avoid construction waste like: Bricks, cement waste, wooden waste, nets, and tools.

  3. If you avoid these things, we can recycle plastic easily with less energy consumption and time.

Want to learn more?

Already we have put some recycling guidelines for recycling tips as 1-2-3. Remember how to segregate plastic from your waste and how to put in your containers or bags.

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Know what to Through

omniya recycling

Empty, Clean, Dry

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Use bags to collect in

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