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omniya recycling

1.Know What to Through


3.Use Bag's to collect in

Plastic canes, Water bottles, Juice cups,Small kitchen plastic containers, Plastic jugs, Food containers, etc.

You should keep all recyclable items free

of food and liquid. Dust  or dirty items

contaminate the whole process of recycling if you put recycle items contact with food and liquid, it's difficult to recycling and takes more time.

Put your recyclable items into containers or bagsyou can also use laundry bags for collection, please avoid mixed items like Paper, Metal and food waste, etc.


Be a recycling super star

Keep this kid-friendly guide to remind kids they have an important part to play to keep our Environment Healthy and Clean.

Imagine the Possibilities

All recycled plastic water bottles become a new product, they are used to manufacture of T-shirt, shoes, and clothes, etc. Keep this guide for your reference.


Recycle and Save the sea animals

We don't know how sea birds and animals are affected by plastic. Millions of Plastic waste enter the ocean from the land every year. See this kid's guide for more reference.

Plastic water bottles

Learn about the reality of plastic water bottles, what happens after disposal?

See the Guide



Learn about which items we recycle and which one not. Avoid dirty or sandy items. Don't mix other items in your containers or bags. Refer to the guide for more references.

Avoid recycling contamination

If you mixed other items it will contaminate the whole process, takes more time for segregation, need more energy consumption. See this kid's guide for the information.


Recycling tips as 1-2-3

Recycle is a simple process when we know the concept of recycling. See this guide for more references.

#Be_the _change

We give all pieces of information about recycling, you will become a better recycle after go through our website fully. So contribute us to achieve the wish for new Kuwait with cleaner Environment.

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