Who is Omniya?

Kuwaiti project who loves to make Kuwait clean by spreading environmental awareness and segregating plastic waste from the source to recycle, preventing it from reaching landfills or sea.

Recycling Tips as 1-2-3

1.Know what to Through

Plastic canes, Water bottles, Juice cups ,small kitchen plastic containers, Plastic Jugs, Food containers, etc.


You should keep all recyclable items free of food and liquid. Dust or dirty items contaminate whole process of recycling, if you put recycle item contact with food and liquid, it's difficult to recycling and takes more time.

3. Use Bag's and Put it

Put your recyclable items into container or bags. you can also use laundry bags for collections, please avoid mixed items like: paper, metal and food waste, etc. 

No Carry Bags

No Foam Box

No Clothes and Shoes

No Yard Waste

No Food Waste

No Medical Waste

No Paper Cups

No Tools

No Electronic Waste

No Baby Diaper

No Construction Waste

No Toys

what your recycling container should look like

If you understand what we are looking for, it's easy for us to segregates and recycling. So just compare your  recycling container to the below picture. you should correspond to the one of the right. it can help everyone in our society to become better at recycling.