Omniya Plastic Collection 

Recycle the plastic and be the change

Who is Omniya?

It is a non-profit company; an innovative system aims to inculcate the conduct of sorting plastic waste from the source in order to recycle it to raise the awareness of the individual in our beloved State of Kuwait, with the strategic sponsorship of the National Bank of Kuwait and Equate Petrochemical Company for the social responsibility.

Our vision

Counting the huge amounts of waste that reach the landfills daily, and that Kuwait to be one of the most distinguished countries in the plastic recycling industry in the region in 2035 AD.

Our mission

Spreading community awareness to create a generation that is aware of the importance of recycling, and instilling the behavior of sorting plastic from the source through the use of technology and artificial intelligence to preserve the environment.

Omniya Plastic OCS Collection

It is an application where you can find the appropriate container for recycling plastic waste for the State of Kuwait. Omniya promotes the concept of sustainability by instilling the behavior of sorting plastic waste from the source with the aim of recycling it to protect the environment. The application contains incentive stages with a reward system to raise the individual’s level of environmental awareness. Also, the reward system will be applied by collecting points, and in return, obtaining services. Likewise, the application is the means to know the extent of civil society interaction, and it shows each participant information about plastic and competitive competitions between the participants. You can also find out about the latest security news and products.


Our goals are to increase the number of containers and develop them to build a correct collection system, which serves the community and the country.


Using technology in an innovative and advanced way in the plastic collection and waste sorting system.


Conducting awareness campaigns for all levels of education, and Omniya launched the largest awareness campaign in 2019 for all educational stages for boys and girls, and we covered 96 public schools.


Omniya supports all voluntary campaigns to clean beaches and land.

We believed we could; so we did

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