Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle

A trademark that we start with you to create.

A correct database with the principle that every producer of plastic waste is responsible towards society to preserve the environment.

We are in the first phase of the application, which was launchedon March 9, 2023.

2023 - 2024: obtaining the largest possible segment of shareholders - participation by the contributor through advertisement - start promoting the concept of every producer is respinsible.

2024 - 2025: expansion of the base of the Blue Bottle tag and collection points - implementing rewards into the application

2025 - 2026: we are working on authenticating it from the competent authorities, such as the municipality and the environment - development of the collection system

Blu Bottle
Small Bottle

small producers sector such as: all retail stores with their various activities, health clubs, private clinics, restaurants, cafes, salons…etc.

Requirments of:

1- contribution of 120 KD for one year

2- pay the full amount upon signing 

3- put Blue Bottle mark on contributing location

4- circulating the application to employees and announcing cooperation


1- coverage of the contribution by Omniya on our social media

2- obtaining Blue Bottle mark on Omniya Website

3- training the workers to use the application and the mechanism


There are different sectors that have been taken into account in the Blue Bottle strategy, wich is the service sectors = 1200 KD

Service privleges:

1- contribution of 1200 KD annually, paid full upon signing the contract

2- circulating the application to employees, training them by Omniya team, and following up on performance

3- putting Blue Bottle mark on the location of he contributor

4- putting the contributor Logo on Omniya website

5- contrubution covered by Omniya's social networking sites

6- submit the annual performance report of the collection quantities in the end of the year

At the end of the contribution period and the shareholder's no desire to extend, Omniya is entitled to recover the approved mark

Apply For Blue Bottle

you can submit in Omniya Blue Bottle program by filling the below